Modern life can get pretty hectic, what with juggling work, family, friends and other commitments. The problem is, most people ignore the impact it has on their health and wellbeing. Aches, pains, insomnia, illness, anxiety and depression are often caused by ongoing stress and fatigue.

At Empower we help people find wellness through movement, mind and nutrition.




We practice what is proven.

We understand that spiritual side of yoga isn’t for everyone, so we focus on the proven, scientifically backed benefits of mindfulness meditation. We team our meditation with functional body weight movement for optimal wellness.


We teach with an open mind.

We understand that everyone’s needs are different. Which is why we teach and instruct a wide variety of disciplines.


We believe in being pill-free (where possible).

In this fast paced world, many people want a fast remedy. But while some medications are 100% necessary, we believe in being proactive with your health and applying natural alternatives where possible.


We give you personal attention.

In packed classes it’s hard to focus. We cap our classes at 24, so everyone has space and receives personal attention.


We also offer private one-on-one packages with our Vitality Coach Andy.  He’ll help you reach your goals with passion, empathy and commitment to helping you live your best life.


Let’s help you get started.
Get our 3-month membership for $429
Includes one complimentary 30min vitality consultation, all timetabled exercise classes and mindfulness meditations.
Think you need longer to really feel the benefits?
Get our 6-month membership for $749
 Includes two complimentary 30min vitality consultations, all timetabled exercise classes and mindfulness meditations.
Turn your life around…
Get our 12-month membership for $1349
 Includes two complimentary 30min vitality consultations, all timetabled exercise classes and mindfulness meditations.

*All memberships start on your first visit to Empower Studio after purchase and give you full access to all timetabled classes and mindfulness meditations.

Live life with vitality – Empower Studio

Yoga Class types

Class Types

We have a variety of yoga classes, TRX Suspension training, Barre and Animal Flow to suit all levels.

If you are new to yoga, Align Yoga is a great starting point and will teach you the fundamentals of yoga alignment.

Find out more about our Class Types.

Empower Studios pricing and services

Pricing & Services

Try our Introductory Offer here

Two week unlimited class pass with private consultation – $40

Empower Studios timetable


Find and book a class on our timetable and come and meet the friendly and professional team at Empower Studio!

We offer 30 and 45-minute classes every weekday.

Call ahead, or turn up on the day – just be sure to arrive 10 minutes prior to class if it’s your first time.

We believe everyone deserves to live with vitality. Talk to us about our membership options today.