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We believe that yoga and fitness should be for all – for the bendy and for the not-so-yet bendy alike. We created Empower Studio in so that we could be a part of inspiring all sorts of Wellingtonians to get out, get moving, and to feel great through the practice of yoga and TRX with us. Our timetable has been designed specifically for the busy and time-poor in mind. Whether you choose our Yoga Classes at 45 minutes or our TRX classes at 30 minutes these can be fitted in your breaks comfortably. The evening classes are longer for those with time to attend.

Since then, we’ve been working with athletes, the corporate sector, full-time Mums and many others. You don’t have to fit into any specific group to attend. Our goal is bringing together groups of people to practice yoga and fitness in a way that is best suited to their bodies. You can feel the energy of twenty positive people pulling together to meet their own individual fitness goals (and at their own abilities) at our studio – which is why we love what we do so much. It is also why we want you to be a part of it.



We have a variety of classes – Align, Yin and Power. We also teach TRX.

Whilst All our classes are great – you just work to your own level.

For people new or returning to Yoga we would recommend Align Yoga as your starting point.

You can find out more about our classes here.



See our extended pricing list on Our Classes page to find out more about class fees and memberships.

Introductory Offer

One-on-one free health consultation PLUS
two weeks of unlimited Yoga/TRX classes

Value: $178 – Yours for only $85



Find a class, come on down, and give yoga a try.
Our timetable will ensure there is a time that can suit you.

The hardest thing is getting through the front door – but we promise it’s bliss.

Call ahead, or show up when it suits – whichever works for you best. Don’t put it off – Do it now!

One Body – Transform it.

Fit and Flexible or not, come in the skin you are in and find out how our unique styles of training and practice can transform your body into a fitter, healthier and more energetic you.

We don’t stick to traditional yoga alignment we empower our members to listen and work within their own body limits.

Your body is unique, and an asset. You can learn how to move and push your body with an emphasis to working within your body’s limits – your edge.

At Empower Studio, we teach you how to tailor the yoga practice to suit your needs, abilities and goals. We encourage you to ‘practice your own yoga’ and can help you to perform at your own personal peaks – rather than at any one else’s. In short, we’re about realistic goals, sparking positive fitness journeys, creating opportunities to break yoga-based stereotypes and helping you to feel great in the body you have.

There are many other benefits of Yoga

Yoga will reduce stress
Quieten your busy mind
Improve your mental focus and clarity

But more importantly

Yoga gives you time for yourself

Don’t believe us? Come in and try it for yourself.

Ready to take on the world of yoga?

You don’t need to be fast, fit, flexi or bendy – just come in the skin you are in. Find out how our unique teaching style and the way we practice can help you transform your life.

Andy Munro

Health & Exercise Coach


Be the best you can with what you have you been given.  See how Andy can help you improve your life and maximise your health .